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Lifestyle branding


LIFESTYLE Branding Photography ALLOWS YOU TO:

  • Tell a story that connects with your audience and helps you grow your brand.

  • Confidently post fresh images to your social media that connects your audience to see the true you. We believe having beautiful images you truly love does make a difference.

  • Showcase your unique personality and make you stand out from the crowd

  • Have a website that's impactful with your visitors and is known to increase trust and conversions. 

We know how important photography is and we can't wait for you to meet Megan! Please take a look at her amazing work!

LIFESTYLE Branding Photography at Crative Dynamics Virtual Services


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Hello! I am a born and raised Vancouver Island girl, and so grateful to be living here with my hubby, Steve and raising our three daughters. My love of photography started in high school, and has truly never fizzled. I worked as a nurse for 11 years, but was always taking photos for friends and family in my spare time. Once my first daughter arrived, my camera quite literally was used daily. I took photos, and learned and learned and took more photos. 10 years ago, I worked my last shift at the hospital, and have worked full time as a photographer ever since


Photography to me has always been about story-telling. An image conveys something. Each person is unique, and each moment is literally one of a kind. I believe the images I capture should reflect that truth both authentically and timelessly. When it comes to branding photography, I recognize that what you are branding isn’t simply a business, but most likely an extension of yourself.  Your business is birthed from your heart, your passion, and countless hours (likely years) of dreaming, planning, and executing. Now listen…96% of my clients tell me they’re not photogenic. Not true friends, and not to worry…I have some tricks up my sleeve. 

When I’m not carting around my camera, I am hiking with my hubby and three school-aged daughters,
thrift-shopping, lifting weights, and trying not to eat all the chocolate. Please take a moment and see some of my most recent work!

We love to be creative, from Graphic Design to Photography!
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