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Breaking Norms, Building Dreams

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About, Breaking Norms &



Breaking Norms, Building Dreams" is a groundbreaking Podcast/ Radio show hosted by the dynamic and empathetic entrepreneur, Brittney Ashley. It's a cozy corner of the airwaves where we dive into life, business, and the beautiful journey of breaking norms, creating a safe haven for heartfelt conversations about neurodiversity, remote work, and the unique challenges faced by everyday working moms. This isn't your typical show; it's a fusion of life lessons and entrepreneurial insights. It's where vibrant discussions intertwine the intricacies of business success, work-life harmony, and creating a supportive community. Through engaging conversations and shared experiences with entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, this show opens doors to new perspectives, strategies, and personal stories.

Brittney isn't just a business owner; she's a visionary leader, mentor, and your friendly guide to navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. As a proud Metis mom, her journey spans across diverse industries, especially in the tech world. Through her experiences working with dyslexia and as the founder of Creative Dynamics Virtual Services, she is armed with certifications in Business Coaching and is an Imposter Syndrome coach; Brittney embodies a commitment to effecting positive change and offering a helping hand.

Brittney's passion for creating a nurturing environment extends far beyond the airwaves. Her business, Creative Dynamics Virtual Services, mirrors her ethos of support and growth, welcoming entrepreneurs seeking guidance and empowerment. Tune in online to embark on this incredible journey with us on "Breaking Norms, Building Dreams," where every episode promises heartwarming stories and an inclusive space to share your experiences.

Connect with Brittney and her team at Creative Dynamics Virtual Services here and become part of this transformative conversation. Don't miss the chance to leave your live comments and become a cherished member of our growing community!

 📅 Date & Time: We are live every Monday,  at 12:00 pm PST / 3:00 pm EST / 2:00 pm CST - on 107.7 and 105.3 FM in New Orleans, part of the United Public Radio Network!

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