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Hire a Bookkeeper Who Works in Your Industry!

Let me preface this by listing the three most important qualities for your bookkeeper to possess:

  1. They can execute the work correctly

  2. You trust them

  3. You get along with them and enjoy your communication

Whether you are currently thinking about hiring a new bookkeeper or replacing your current one, consider that it is beneficial to hire one who works in your industry. When a bookkeeper works in a niche, they bring experience, efficiencies and connections to the table that other bookkeepers can’t compete with. Let's run through the four ways in which a niche bookkeeper can help you grow your business.

1. Bookkeeping Practices

Your niche bookkeeper will understand the correct bookkeeping practices unique to your industry. From sales tax compliance and necessary government slip filings unique to your industry, to handling your specific cost of manufacturing or your particular employee or contractor pay structure, your niche bookkeeper will already understand these features before being hired