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What is the right length for a social media post? Let's leverage your Instagram and Twitter accounts

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Are you unsure how many characters or how long you should make your social media post? You’re not alone. The number of characters and words allowed for all the different platforms continues to be a head-scratcher for marketing companies, particularly because they’re always changing.

Brand reach is fundamentally important when you’re using social media—it’s how we get your service or product into the hands of the consumers. However, over the last couple of years, brand reach has dropped on Facebook exponentially. They want you to buy their ads rather than just plop a buy-link into a post and watch the magic happen organically. Now, they will bury any page post they see with a link that takes the user to any kind of store. So if you’re selling an item on Facebook, keep your post short and include the link in the comments, not the original post. This can trick the Facebook bots and algorithm into not putting your post on the bottom of the pile.

Twitter went from 140 characters to 280 characters, but that doesn’t mean you should USE all 280 characters. The best tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts are short, concise, and catchy. It’s better to create a multi-tweet thread or post additional info in the comments of your Instagram or Facebook post rather than make the original post too long. Users will just pass by if they can’t get the gist of what you’re saying or selling without having to click to expand, because let’s face it, social media has made us a lazy, instant-gratification society. We don’t have the patience, time, or attention span anymore to click through to learn more, we want to learn it all on the first click, not the second, fifth or tenth.

So remember, quick, clean and to the point. Don’t use fancy words if you don’t have to.

Don’t use three words when you can use one.

Emojis are your friend and catchy taglines that are 5-10 words will drive your product forward faster.

Now Let's dig a little deeper and give you some facts and numbers. How many characters should your Twitter and Instagram posts have exactly?

Let’s take a look and find out.

Some quick tips to help you play the Twitter and Instagram game like a boss.

  • Keep your Twitter posts between 71-100 characters. Be succinct, clear, and concise. Twitter moves fast and you’ll lose followers and people’s interest if they have to spend too much time reading. You have seconds to catch your audience’s attention. Use those seconds wisely.

  • Tweets with 100 characters or less get 17% higher engagement rates than longer tweets.

  • Keep your Instagram Captions between 138-150 characters. The star of your post will be your engaging and eye-catching photo(s)/video(s) and captions provide much-needed context to propel people to engage with you and your business.

  • If you decide to delve into the world of Instagram ads remember to keep your characters below 125. Once again, people are lazy and have the attention spans of fruit flies. Too many words, descriptors and fluff will make their fingers and eyes fly right past your product. You want impressions, clicks, and engagement and the best way to do that is to keep your posts quick and sweet.

  • Not sure how many hashtags to use? Instagram allows 30 hashtags.....with that, we will now hold you in suspense.

Stay tuned for our next blog, we will cover the logic of hashtags and how they can be used!