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Why a Team is Better than One Virtual Assistant

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Congratulations, your business is growing and you’re looking to outsource the time-consuming and tedious tasks you do every day, but you are undecided between hiring a VA or a VA team. Both structures hold many advantages, but the final decision depends on your business needs, current position, and your end goal.

Business owners are multi-talented people, often running marketing, admin, logistics, and every other department themselves. However, as your business grows—and even before—you may recognize that you need support to run more efficiently and to take the time off you deserve.

In the past, businesses would hire an assistant to help with organization and automation, some also hired employees to take over certain responsibilities. Now, we have virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who provides services and communicates with you through it all. Sometimes they are based in the same city or country, and other times they are located internationally. However, with a good workflow, VAs can assist businesses from across the globe with little to no interference.

You can offload some of the mundane or complex tasks you need to do to a virtual assistant. But why stop at one virtual assistant when you can access a team with diverse skills who can grow with you? Let’s run through five reasons to hire a virtual assistant team.

More Brains = More impact

Discovering an all-rounder is like finding a unicorn—pretty hard. A Virtual Assistant team provides a pool of professionals to choose from with their own specialties, strengths, and skills. Although you may only need one Virtual Assistant now, a team gives you access to a group of pros who thrive on building up your brand.

As a group, VAs can create more holistic solutions, drive innovation, and boost efficiency meaning they’ll make your business run smoothly. And because our team cares about professional development, their skills are always growing.

A team of Virtual Assistants gathers workers with complementary skills to assist business owners with their business needs. On occasion, business owners will turn to their trusted VA for advice concerning aspects of their business. By consulting with other members of the team, the VA may be able to create ideas and solutions to better the business since they have easy access to professionals of various abilities, skills, education, and experience.

For example: You may come to a VA looking for support in marketing, but determine that your branding is in need of fixing. A marketing VA with access to a branding VA is able to detect issues a specialist is unable to and provide immediate support where desired.

More Cost-effective

Virtual assistants eliminate the need for office space, regular salary, employee benefits, or any of the other expenses associated with hiring a full-time employee. With Virtual Assistants, you only pay based on an hourly or project rate for the work they do. Equipment and other tools are also all owned by the VAs leaving virtually no additional cost for the business.

As the saying goes “time is money”. Owning a business doesn’t mean you are operating in the most efficient manner. Tasks such as administration or marketing may take you several days, while a team can accomplish those same tasks in hours. Although VAs are assistants, they are also qualified professionals with specialized skills.

Virtual Assistants Teams are More Efficient

Virtual assistant teams are designed to run more efficiently than a solo VA since it is organized by delegation. Each client is assigned a dedicated VA leader who will manage your team and ensure you can get back to doing the part of your job that you love. This process keeps responsibilities organized. The leader VA is responsible for picking the best VAs to work with you on a particular task or project and they are your primary contact. In some situations, multiple VAs make more sense especially in times where continuous assistance is needed.

A team of trustworthy assistants removes the hassle of micromanaging a team yourself and optimizes your business, so you don’t need to manage everything.

Maximize productivity

Additionally, having a virtual assistant team made up of VAs in multiple time zones ensures almost 24-hour support. With more VAs dedicated to your projects, work gets done faster and they are able to complete multiple tasks. Not only does this speed up the process but it helps improve your company’s efficiency.

And unlike a sole VA which may put you in a tough position when they take a vacation or much-deserved break without automated systems in place, a team guarantees you’ll always have someone by your side when you need it. Your work is never left on hold.

Multiple VAs streamline tasks and they also appear more professional to your clients if you are utilizing VAs for customer service. Different VAs performing complimentary duties allows you to guide your clients through different processes without connecting with the same person.

We grow with you

Working with a team does not make outsourcing a hassle. Most virtual assistant teams operate under a leader or project manager who will delegate tasks to the other team members, removing the need to micromanage. Despite not needing all the VAs in the beginning, a team leader will help you know when to bring on other team members for additional support. Having a team you already know and trust cuts back on the lengthy recruitment, hiring, and training process.

The flexibility to scale up or down is possibly one of the biggest advantages of bringing on a team. Based on our initial consultation, we pick the best members for your personal team. However, things change and in some months you may need more support than you thought.

When you are ready to scale up or down, we pick and choose the best VAs based on your needs.

A team allows us to appoint more VAs to undertake new projects on an ad hoc basis without the hassle of hiring. We have a reserve of talented professionals to take over out-of-scope tasks when the backup is needed.

Remove stress and operate more efficiently with a team of virtual assistants!

If you're ready to scale your business and outsource the tedious tasks you stress over, book a consultation with Creative Dynamics Services --a boutique-style Virtual Assistant team offering support in administration, marketing, blogs, CRM setup and those in between tasks. We would love to hear from you! Please book a free consultation today! -


Brittney Ashley, CEO


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