Brittney Ashley, BBA

Education: Business Administration: Marketing Communication Management Degree, Business Management Certificate, and a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Experience: 10+ years of experience in Customer Service and Administration within various industries, 4+ years as a Project Coordinator within the technology industry with additional Marketing experience.

Expertise: Administration, Project Management, Recruitment Management, Blogging, Website Management/Upkeep & Creation, Marketing, Branding & Creative Strategies.

Fun Fact: A first time mom to a funny and loving little girl. Also a fur mom to a dog and cat, both adopted and both very sassy. Brittney's passion is to constantly learn and master any project! 

I am a firm believer everyone has a talent and we just need to let each person shine in their field of interest. I'm passionate to bring a team together who is creative in more ways than one, intelligent and eager to see any business grow.


I'm excited for you to meet the team behind Creative Dynamics.

Owner & Lead Marketing Strategist

creative dynamics virtual services Team - Virtual Assistant & Marketing Agency  - Victoria BC

Creative Dynamics Team

Whitney Rondeau

VA - Marketing & Content Strategist

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Psychology, and an ESL teaching certificate.

Experience: 10+ years of experience in Customer Service, Administration within various industries and a Published Author.

Expertise: Business Management, Website Management/Upkeep, Blogging, Developmental Editing and Marketing and Creative Strategies.

Fun Fact: Whitney is a full-time mother to two beautiful little girls (ages one and four) and part-time author, with over twenty books published under a pen name in the romantic fiction genre. 

Brooke Emerson, BBA

Financial Strategist

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting. 

Experience: 10+ years of experience working in private practice and 4+ years self-employed.

Expertise: Bookkeeping for small businesses, financial analysis and reporting, and creating efficient financial systems that save time and money.

Fun Facts: She's a mum to a toddler and two crazy dogs; Can be found nerding out on a challenging puzzle or researching ancestry in her free time.

Gabriella Pirrone

VA - Marketing & Content Strategist

Education: Gabriella has built her progressive experience on her own throughout the last 12 years of her career.

Experience: 12+ years of combined experience in Content Marketing, Project Management, and Administration.

Expertise: Blogging, Video, Email Marketing, Creative Social Media Strategies, Project Management, Website Management/Upkeep.

Fun Facts: In her spare time, you can find Gabriella either hiking with her puppy Juniper, at the gym or sipping on a latte at a local coffee shop. She also enjoys travelling and exploring Vancouver Island with her soon-to-be husband! Gabriella is a quick learner and enjoys the process of exploring new ways of doing things.  

Courtnay Laporte, BBA

VA - Marketing & Content Strategist

Education: Business Administration: Marketing Communication Management Degree.

Experience: 13 years experience in the tourism and hospitality industry in various positions including customer service, management and marketing.  

Expertise: Management, branding and strategy, content creation and social media strategy.

Fun Fact: Courtnay has worked and lived on three continents; currently in Scotland. Her passion is for food and drink and if you couldn’t!

Vanessa Dolbec

VA - Administration


VA - VP of Customer Service

Education: Dog High Achievements University.


Experience: 8+ years of experience in Customer Service. 

Expertise: Customer Service and lounging

Fun Fact: Luna loves belly rubs and long days by the fire with tones of blankets. She doesn't seem to love the West Coast in the winter since she is originally from California.



At Creative Dynamics we are devoted to ensuring reliability, clarity and growth that transforms your business. Our team builds life long relationships with all of our clients while exceeding expectations.




Our mission is straightforward; to empower you as an entrepreneur and business owner.




Let's connect and build your dream team!



Education: Event Planner and Wedding Planner certifications from Trendimi Academy. Training in Business Plan Creation, Canva Graphic Design, Passive Income, Pinterest Traffic Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Experience: 5 years experience in the tourism and hospitality industry in various positions including customer service. Additional experiences as an Event Coordinator and Social Media Manager at Heyday Events.

Expertise: Administration, event coordination and social media strategy.

Fun Fact: Vanessa not only works for Creative Dynamics, but she’s actually a business owner herself! Her company Vanessa Louise Parties (Event Planning) launched on April 1st! She’s also bilingual (Bonjour!), and  loves Grey’s Anatomy!

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