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Turn your knowledge into an evergreen course that educates and generates profit!

You’ve always loved the idea of teaching, but you have no idea what goes into creating and launching a course. We got you!


The online course industry is massive. With the right support, you can create a course that allows you to educate a large audience without burning out from hundreds of 1:1 sessions a month. You’ll say goodbye to the fatigue and exhaustion that sets in as soon as you close your laptop.


Courses are an excellent evergreen product to get your big ideas and actionable insights into more lives. You can increase your impact while decreasing the number of hours you spend in front of a computer. 


By creating a recurring process, you are able to continually generate income without working as hard the first time around. We create launch programs that take the guesswork out of course content creation to optimize your launches and increase your earnings.


Ideal for content creators and coaches.

Become a thought leader and

increase your impact in the world. 


We support you from ideation to launch. Set up your course correctly so you can leverage your experience and uplift your audience. With our support, we will:

  • Define your course and positioning

  • Identify your unique selling point (USP)

  • Create a complete course

  • Make high-converting, on-brand presentations decks

  • Design branded templates for your worksheets and guides

  • Set up your course on a hosting platform and input your content 

  • Write and design your sales pages

  • Develop a launch strategy

What our clients are saying!

"This is a dedicated and passionate team!"

-Renate Bothma

Are you ready to add another source of income to your business? We’ll help you create and launch your dream course and sell out your spots.

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