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3 Reasons Why Dubsado Is Your Business Lifesaver

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


The last thing you need, as a super busy online entrepreneur, is another platform that will just take up more time and more money! Having multiple, disjointed platforms and poor systems that you’re trying to integrate with third-party integrators severely impacts your customer's journey.

You need to have fewer platforms and more space in your day. It’s time to start freeing up and simplifying your business. Can I get a “helllll yeaaaah?

Key Points:

  1. It works well for various kinds of businesses and not just one niche

  2. It helps you create workflows and automation to cut down on your busywork and make things more efficient

  3. The client portals are simply, clear and hold all your clients information in one convenient location

“I need more time.” “I have too much to do.”

“There are too many platforms.”

Client management is a mandatory part of entrepreneurship if you work with clients.

Whether you’re a coach, a virtual assistant, a copywriter, a designer, a course creator, a photographer or anything else where you have a steady stream of clients you absolutely need to keep track of them and keep them all organized.

Keeping up with your client management keeps your clients happy and frees up a huge part of your day. A part that might otherwise be wasted with meaningless work; unnecessary work.

All-In-One platforms are the way forward!

We recently touched on the all-in-one platform Kajabi that helps streamline your website, funnels, email marketing and course and coaching platforms. If you want to read more go check out that article here.

Today we are taking it a step further with an all-in-one CRM (customer relationship management) platform, Dubsado.

On their website, Dubsado states “More business, less busywork. Dubsado helps your business stay in motion. Build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish.

As well they say, “Make managing client projects the easiest part of business… instead of the part you struggle with the most.

And it really does make it easy. Dubsado includes features such as forms (contracts, lead capture, questionnaires, proposals), invoicing and tracking, automated workflows, task management, project and client management, client booking, lead tracking, client portals, branding and sending individual client emails.

Dubsado also integrates with so many other platforms. Email marketing platforms, course platforms, websites, booking software and even Kajabi.

You do not need to create more work and make a complicated client management process. You simply don’t have the time and you do not need to do that. Even 6-7 figure businesses don’t need to (and I can bet they actually have the simplest client management processes because they have figured out the whole “work smarter not harder” idea).

So, why is Dubsado going to be your business lifesaver?

  1. It works well for various kinds of businesses (not just ONE!)

Many platforms are made with one type of business in mind. They serve one purpose, they do one job, they are good for one niche.

Not Dubsado.

They work for any kind of business that needs to manage and track their client relationships… which means YOU, friend.

Course creators, online coaches, psychologists, graphic designers, virtual assistants, photographers, wedding planners, florists, consultants, public speakers… need I go on?

While it’s awesome to have a platform that is geared directly for your type of business for some things the versatility of Dubsado meeting the needs of all types of businesses makes it extremely ideal. Finding a developer who is able to set up your system is much easier on a platform like Dubsado where all kinds of businesses are using it versus one that is directly geared for one kind of business.

Even finding support for doing it the DIY way is easier for a more common platform.

2. It helps you create workflows and automation to cut down on your busywork and make things more efficient

Let me whisper the one little word that is bound to give every online entrepreneur goosebumps… automation. Did I get you?

The ability to create client workflows and automation is the absolute best tool for any entrepreneur and I will take that to the bank. Creating automation and workflows is one of the most sought-after outsourced services (I have been a virtual assistant for a long time and I can attest to that fact).

Dubsado even has the added bonus of having workflow templates. This is great if you’re taking the DIY route and you’re strapped for what to add to your workflows or how to set them up most effectively and need some good ideas.

Why are workflows and automation so essential for online entrepreneurs?

It cuts down on your manual work by roughly 10-50% depending on how many you use and what industry you’re in. Just think about it… Let’s say you’re a graphic designer. What is your actual job? Creating graphics for your clients. But in order to do your job, you need a great client outreach and lead tracking system, a great onboarding system, a great client management system and eventually a great client offboarding system.

Those components are absolutely necessary but they are not your main job. But since they have to be done they can take up to 30-50% of your daily work. Imagine if you were able to cut that 30% by 20%. Now those busy work tasks - that aren’t your main job that make you direct money - only take 10% of your daily work.

100% worth creating those workflows and automation!

3. The client portals are simple, clear and hold all your client's information in one convenient location

I cannot state the importance of this too much. Streamlining your client's information and keeping it in one location can help you stay organized and not miss anything. Nothing halts a good client relationship like a silly and completely avoidable mistake.

As a long-time virtual assistant, the most important thing for me when creating CRM’s for clients is the simplicity. The last thing I want is a system that is difficult to set up and not intuitive to learn.

I want all the clients information in one location so when I go to look for information I don’t have to try to remember where I stuck something. Dubsado does this. Their client portals are a thing of beauty.

Well organized sections, easily editable drop downs and hold’s all the information on clients that you could want.

While dealing with client portals isn’t the front end of building a relationship with your client it is still an integral part of your success when working with clients. You don’t need a complicated system for your clients to think you’re professional but you do need to have a cohesive, simple and well-organized system or they can become frustrated and leave.

I have seen it happen, time after time. If a client doesn’t think you’re professional it gives them leverage to try to take advantage of you. I worked with an Influencer who was doing everything on her own and not only was it stressing her it was also making brands think she wasn’t professional and they were requesting to give her less money for the impeccable work she did. Things turned around when we got her set up with a beautiful client management system because it told the brands reaching out to her that she was someone worth paying top dollar for.

I know you want the best; the best of the best. All-in-ones can seem, almost, too easy. You might think that a well-oiled machine needs to be hard and involve multiple platforms but the all-in-one was made with the busy entrepreneur in mind.

The creators of Dubsado knew you wanted the best but you also valued your time and money. That’s why it’s the perfect solution.

But don’t just take my word for it… Go try it out yourself, for free until you hit 3 clients. That’s right, there’s no time limit, just a client limit.


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