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Why you should use an all-in-one platform like Kajabi

Key Points:

  1. All-In-One’s save you time, money and efficiency

  2. Kajabi is always fixing, updating and adding features

  3. Starting your business as if you are already successful is a good mindset technique that uses the Law Of Attraction

So you’re a business owner, maybe even a coach. I bet you have a lot of platforms, right?

You might have a website, an email marketing platform, a course platform, a landing page platform, a checkout page platform the list goes on and on. Then, of course, everything needs to be integrated so you might even have Zapier to help everything play nice in the sandbox together.

But they don’t always work together in the most effective way. Sometimes trying to make the zaps do what you want or connect certain platforms can make you slam the computer shut and want to pull your hair out strand by strand…

Been there. Done that.

But here’s the thing…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Having an online business has never been easier technology-wise. Every day the platforms we know and love are getting better and better. They’re getting easier to use and includes more and more features.

But the best piece of technology to come on the market, in my opinion, is the “all-in-one business platform.”

Just stop and think for a moment… That big long list of platforms you have (all those passwords you have to remember), what if they could be just one?

What if you could ditch all the different platforms and that pesky third-party integration software and just work on a platform that had everything you needed? No more struggle, no more integrations, and no more multiple payments for things coming out on different days.

Let me introduce… Kajabi; is your one-stop shop for all things online business.

And there are so many big-wig online business owners already using this platform such as James Wedmore of Business By Design, Kathrin Zenkina of Manifestation Babe and Amy Porterfield so don’t just take my word for it.

Kajabi was designed with the online coach or course creator in mind. It has all you need to get your business started and operating smoothly for just one cost per month instead of many. What a relief.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use an All-In-One Platform like Kajabi for your business

1) All-in-ones save you time, money and create efficiency in your business

Ah, the little words every business owner loves to hear, “I can save you time and money.” Am I right? I’m right.

24 hours in a day just doesn’t feel like enough time sometimes, especially when you’re needing to spend a ton of time getting the technical stuff set up for your business. It’s definitely necessary but it can be very time-consuming. When you add in the extra time it takes to work on multiple platforms and the need to ensure things are getting integrated properly and funnels are running smoothly, it can make your head spin.

There is nothing better than the promise of efficiency and saving you time and money. With an all-in-one platform like Kajabi, you skip all the middleman business and the need to integrate. You take away all the extra steps required to set up a funnel when you have everything you need in one place.

For instance, when setting up an opt-in funnel, Kajabi has a Landing Page creator, they also have the ability to create forms, a way to include a downloadable button for the freebie if needed, the email list and the email sequence all in one place. There is no need to have any of those steps off the platform.

If you’re selling a program, it’s just as easy. You can create the sales page and the checkout pages so they can buy right from Kajabi, they’re added to the email list, sent all the emails, the course portal is right there and if needed they can book their coaching calls directly through Kajabi.

As a Virtual Assistant, I also find this an extremely easy platform to use. The tutorials are good, the support is good and not having to include extra steps to integrate multiple platforms saves me from making little mistakes that can wreak havoc with the process.

2. Kajabi is always fixing, updating and adding features

There are a few great platforms but I specifically love Kajabi because it is young enough that the developers are constantly fixing, updating and adding new features. They ask for a lot of feedback from their users through surveys and they use the information to keep making the platform even better.

I like to join the Facebook Groups of the platforms that I will be using. That’s where you can see all the real feedback. Almost every platform will have testimonials but they, of course, only post the glowing reviews. In Facebook Groups, you can often find a more realistic idea of what the platform will be like. I have come across many platforms where their Facebook Group was filled with frustrated people who were begging the developers to stop adding new features and instead fix the existing ones or asking for certain features to be added with little success.

I have been using Kajabi since 2018 and have experienced many features being fixed and upgraded. I have completed different surveys over the years about features and have watched many of those suggestions become a reality.

For instance, the landing page creator has improved a lot over the years. It has become even easier to use. While I love looking at beautiful landing pages I am more concerned with the ease of use. I’d rather have a platform where creation was easy versus just beautiful. Luckily, with Kajabi you get both. I have created beautiful landing pages with ease. Customization and coding are also options on one of Kajabi’s plans.

Kajabi is also great at adding new features its members ask for. The most recent addition is the ability to sign up 1:1 clients instead of just group coaching or course clients. You can create offers and portals specifically for 1:1 clients. You also now have the ability to have your 1:1s book their calls directly from Kajabi instead of requiring a off-platform process. This feature came out in the last month so I know Kajabi will be working on fine-tuning it. Until it’s completely rolled out and complete, if you need extra features and information on your individual clients you can use an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool such as Dubsado (learn more here).

3) Starting your business as if you are already successful is a good mindset technique that uses the Law Of Attraction

Have you ever heard of the Law Of Attraction? The LOA states that positive thoughts bring about positive results in your life. What you think and how you act is how you create your reality. Manifesting begins with your thoughts, your thoughts lead to your actions and your actions create your results. Many people say they have to wait until they’re successful to do what they want and have the fancy things.

But when you’re stuck thinking that you don’t deserve those things yet because you haven’t done XYZ actually accomplishing them will be damn near impossible. You actually block yourself from the success you crave.

Instead, when you create a thought or a goal in your head instead of waiting for something to happen first before you can get it, try acting as if you already have it. Trying to have the mindset of someone who already has reached those goals. What would this person think, say or do? How would they act? What kind of confidence would they have?

Many people look at the price of Kajai and think I’ll get it when I make XYZ. But if you’re anything like me then you like keeping things as simple as possible. I hate having to switch around platforms all the time. I don’t look for the cheapest platform knowing a couple of months down the road I’m going to upgrade. When I invest in the cheapest option that’s what I attract into my life; the cheapest customers.

I started with Kajabi early. Earlier than I was ready to launch my course. Why? Because I didn’t want to spend all this time switching around later on and I wanted to act and be the person who already had a successful business. Kajabi was used by some of the big wig entrepreneurs. If I wanted to emulate their success I had to act like I already had it. I don’t mean spending money frivolously, which I can guarantee they don’t, I mean treating my business like it is already successful, knowing without a doubt that it will be successful.

I bought Kajabi because I knew that I would absolutely have success and Kajabi was part of the success story that I created in my head. The successful entrepreneurs that I wanted to echo used Kajabi so it was part of my strategy to create a successful business.

Kajabi is more money upfront than many individual platforms. However, once you start adding up the cost of many of the individual platforms that you use, and factor in the efficiency, the price is in alignment with all the individual costs and over many years of use will save you money.

Not everyone loves it, even the “best of the best” platforms aren’t loved by everyone. Some people find it more worthwhile to have multiple platforms. That’s completely fine. As both a Virtual Assistant and a Coach I prefer simplifying and having everything in one neat package. For me, this platform is worth it.

The one con to Kajabi is that since it does everything it’s not considered the top-of-the-line with specific features. I think what I have created is amazing and beautiful. For me, I have no qualms regarding the look and use. However, many people say that other platforms are better are certain things and that’s completely fair.

A platform that specializes in just one thing such as just websites or just landing pages will most likely have superior capabilities in that. But I find many of those platforms are often confusing and difficult to put together. Some website platforms require an expert to create and they often cost a lot of money.

Kajabi has just as much value and has all the features you need.

One bonus perk of Kajabi is the Client Interface. I have taken a lot of courses and I have created a lot of courses, both for myself and my clients, so I have learned what I like and do not like. One thing I have noticed on other platforms is if it’s easy to set up it tends to not look great on the customer's side and if it’s hard to set up then it looks great on the customers side.

Kajabi is the best of both worlds. Super simple and efficient to set up and has a great client interface. Your clients will see a modern and sophisticated design that is easy to navigate and well-organized. On the back end, you will be able to set up each module with ease in a fraction of the time it often takes on other platforms. I have never found I had to guess at how to add what I need to each section.

James Wedmore says, “my business would not be generating $11M+ a year if I was still trying to use [a] “duct tape method” because you and I both know that a business is only as good as the software it runs on.

And back in the old days, using that other crap software was like trying to win the Daytona 500 with a Ford Pinto. …wasn’t ever gonna happen!

Kajabi frequently runs amazing promotions for their platform. Go check out their current promotions to start exploring how Kajabi can skyrocket your business today.


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